Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 22 fl oz (651 mL) Bottle
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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

22 fl oz (651 mL) Bottle
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One of Nature's Most Versatile Oils

Piping Rock Coconut Oil Certified Organic Extra VirginThis multifunctional oil comes from the smooth, white flesh found on the inside of this familiar fruit’s hard exterior. It’s what gives coconuts their distinct tropical aroma and flavor, and (as an added bonus!) is jam-packed with beneficial nutrients and essential fatty acids!

It can be easily replaced at a 1:1 ratio and can be used in baking, frying, sautéing and in making smoothies. Quite simply, it is a must-have in any pantry!

This unique oil has a low melting point, depending on your method of storing. If stored below 76°F, the oil will solidify. If stored above 76°F, it will liquify. If you’d like to soften the oil before scooping, simply place the jar in a bowl of steaming hot water for a few minutes.

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