Mist Spa Vapor Diffuser 1 Unit
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Mist Spa Vapor Diffuser

1 Unit
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New SpaVapor+ Ultrasonic Technology atomizes oil into microscopic particulates diffused into the air!

Piping Rock - SpaVapor+ Mist Spa Vapor DiffuserSetting a new standard in elegance and function, SpaVapor+’s quiet, high-output diffusing micro fine mist will meet your aromatherapy needs for years to come. This is the only unit to diffuse oil instantly while the ultrasonic pulsating sound creates a soothing vapor mist.

SpaVapor+ does not heat essential oils, keeping their holistic properties intact. Once the oils are diffused into the air, the aromatherapy benefits of the different fragrance is released as a pleasant, subtle scent that lifts moods and impacts calmness, relaxation or energy while delivering healthful benefits.

SpaVapor+ utilizes 1.7 MHz high frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations from a ceramic disc to disperse the water and essential oils out of the vent surface, forming a fine, soothing, swirling spray. It is not recommended to use citrus oils in this diffuser.

Plug Type: U.S. Type A 

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