We test our products under our own roof in our world-class laboratory facility. In-house testing gives us full oversight throughout the process, so we can maximize safety and quality for our customer.

Advanced Lab Testing - Pre Production

Pre-Production Testing

  • Confining Incoming Raw Materials, Matching Each Ingredient with Our Supplier’s Certificate of Analysis
  • Examining Ingredients for Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and Other Potential Contaminants in our Microbiological Lab
  • Ingredients Only Move to Production Upon Full Evaluation, Meeting Our Elite Standards of Excellence

Post-Production Testing

  • Evaluating Each Formula for Allergens (Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Shellfish, etc.) and Updating our Labels with 100% Accuracy
  • Using a Virtual Digestive System to Simulate Supplement Break-Down, To Ensure Safe and Effective Absorption
  • Conducting Stability Testing on Finished Products to Validate Product Life Cycle and Shelf-Life
Advanced Lab Testing - Post Production
Advanced Lab Testing - Specialized

Specialized Testing

  • DNA Testing on select Herbal Supplements for Authenticity, Confirming Identity of Each Ingredient
  • GC/MS Testing on ALL Essential Oils, Ensuring Purity Levels Accurately Match Our Labels
  • Polymerase Chain Testing to Screen for Genetically Modified DNA in Accordance with Our Non-GMO Pledge