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Sliced Almonds, 1 lb (454 g) Bag

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Naturally Delicious & Nutrient-Rich

Piping Rock Sliced Almonds NaturalFlavorful and jam-packed with wholesome nutrients, almonds are popular go-to snacks for people around the world. These familiar nuts have been thinly sliced, making them even easier to enjoy by the handful or in your recipes! Each bite delivers beneficial vitamins E & B, fiber and essential minerals.

One of nature’s perfect snacks, Piping Rock’s natural sliced almonds can be eaten on their own or used in baking, desserts and more!

Almonds as we know it are the edible seeds from the deciduous trees of the same name. Native to the Mediterranean climate of the Middle East and Southern Asia, almonds have long been a staple of cuisines in the area. A versatile nut, almonds are enjoyed on their own, in baking, desserts and are even used to make milk, butter, flour and oil!

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