100% Pure Chia Seeds 16 oz (454 g) Bag
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100% Pure Chia Seeds

16 oz (454 g) Bag
Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

Giant Nutrition in a Tiny Seed

Piping Rock 100% Pure Chia SeedsThe seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant have been treasured for their wellness properties for centuries. An annual herb and part of the mint family, these mini seeds were originally cultivated by 16th century Aztecs, who used them as an energy source.

Featuring a dense nutritional profile, chia seeds have made quite the comeback in many people’s healthy lifestyles! Each seed is jam-packed with omega-3 essential fatty acids ALA & EPA, which support cardiovascular health and blood sugar levels already within normal range.** They are also a rich source of fiber, supporting healthy digestion and weight management routines, in addition to overall health-promoting antioxidants and protein.**

Now, you can add these nourishing seeds to your daily menu! Truly versatile, enjoy them on their own or added to salads, cereals, yogurts, smoothies and more to help boost your nutritional intake!

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