6 Bottle Fragrance Oil Starter Kit Fragrance Oil
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6 Bottle Fragrance Oil Starter Kit, Fragrance Oil

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

Fantastic Fragrances for Your Next DIY Project!

Piping Rock Fragrance Oil KitDo you love making your own fragrant candles, soaps, and other DIY projects, or know someone with a passion for crafting? Piping Rock’s Fragrance Oil Starter Kit is for you! Featuring 6 of our most popular fragrance oils, we’ve created these delightfully aromatic oils to capture the scents you’re looking for that will simply bloom in your crafts.

Our Fragrance Oil Starter Kit contains 6 bottles, featuring the following oils in 15 mL amber glass bottles with dropper tops:

•    Lilac Mist Oil – clean, floral, and jasmine-like
•    White Gardenia Oil – floral, green, and sweet
•    Violet Oil – delicate and floral, with notes of earth
•    Lavender Chamomile Oil – herbal and floral, like bedtime tea
•    Honeysuckle Oil – fruity, floral, and honey-sweet
•    Musk Oil – sweet and spicy, like leather and wood

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