Calendula 100% Pure Essential Oil 2 fl oz (59 mL) Bottle
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Calendula 100% Pure Essential Oil, 2 fl oz (59 mL) Bottle

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Piping Rock Calendula Essential Oil

Calendula officinalis is a flower of the Sunflower or Daisy family. It is named for its ever-presence and consistency (as in calendar, hence its name!). Also known as Marigold, or “Mary’s gold,” the flower is a yellow to deep orange and opens and closes by the day’s light and protects other plants from bugs. It is native to Macronesia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean, yet thrives in diverse regions.

Plant Part Used


Extraction Method

Steam distillation


Medium. Warm, herbal-sweet and earthy.


Calming and powerful. Reconnect to a joyous and spirit-moving energy.

Blends Well With

Bergamot, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cypress, Geranium, Ginger, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Orange, Pine, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Vetivert, Ylang Ylang

History of Calendula

Made famous by the many who revered its spiritual power, the Marigold thrived in the gardens of royalty and in the writings of Shakespeare: "But as the marigold at the sun's eye..." Its importance and grace extended from European wedding garlands as a symbol of steadfast love to Indian temple lore in celebration of Vishnu and Lakshmi (god and goddess of wealth and beauty), through to the Americas as a connector to ancestral spirits and within Aztecan temples. In old Europe its association to fairies bestowed upon one’s eyelids the ability to see them. The ancients believed it vibrated to the constellation of Leo, symbolized by the sun. 

Using Calendula Oil

All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting!

Morning Star

As if a sunny marigold, open your eyes and senses with this refreshing and centering morning scent.

6 drops Calendula Oil
4 drops Rose Oil
2 drops Lavender Oil
2 drops Geranium Oil

Enlightened Evening

Calendula's deep history of healing and reverence guides you to focus and peace in the evening.

6 drops Calendula Oil
5 drops Chamomile Oil
3 drops Pine Oil
2 drops Orange Oil

Aromatherapy Uses

Bath & Shower

Add 5-10 drops to hot bath water, or sprinkle into shower steam before getting in for an at-home spa experience.


8-10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil. Apply a small amount directly to areas of concern, such as muscles, skin or joints. Work the oil gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed.


Inhale the aromatic vapors directly from the bottle, or place a few drops in a burner or diffuser to fill a room with its scent.

DIY Projects

This oil can be used in your homemade DIY projects, such as in candles, soaps, and body care products!

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