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A member of the mint family, pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium) is a low-growing herb that features its famously furry oval leaves and clusters of soft purple flowers. This minty-fresh smelling perennial has been used by humans for centuries, stemming from its popularity as a pest repellant--hence its name, which is derived from the Latin word for "flea."

Plant Part Used

Leaves and flowering tops

Extraction Method

Steam distillation


Medium-strong. Herbaceous and minty-fresh.

Pennyroyal Essential Oil Benefits

Refreshes and stimulates. Helps calm and clear the mind.

Blends Well With

Citronella, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary, Sage

History of Pennyroyal

For centuries, pennyroyal has been renown for its abilities as a flea and pest repellant--in fact, it's a popular addition to gardens for keeping away unwanted insects from plants! The idea of using pennyroyal this way is said to come from Pliny the Elder, who used it as a powerful deterrant against fleas. It was once used in cooking, though it has since been recommended to avoid ingesting pennyroyal due to its toxicity. Pennyroyal oil should be avoided altogether if you are pregnant.

Using Pennyroyal Essential Oil

All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting!

Circus Buster

Use this blend to help ward off pests that have found their way into your home!

3 drops Pennyroyal Essential Oil
2 drops Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
6 drops Citronella Essential Oil

Aromatherapy Uses


Sprinkle 5-10 drops into shower steam before getting in for an at-home spa experience.


8-10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil. Apply a small amount directly to areas of concern, such as muscles, skin, or joints. Work the oil gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed.


Inhale the aromatic vapors directly from the bottle, or place a few drops in a burner or diffuser to fill a room with its scent.

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