Magnolia Fragrance Oil 1/2 fl oz (15 mL) Dropper Bottle
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Magnolia Fragrance Oil, 1/2 fl oz (15 mL) Dropper Bottle

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Piping Rock Magnolia Fragrance Oil

One of our favorite florals, this oil will remind you of freshly bloomed magnolia trees on a warm morning in the deep south… Southern Magnolias (Magnolia grandiflora) are large flowering evergreen trees that typically reach a height of 90 feet. Usually planted as an attractive ornamental centerpiece, they boast dark green leaves and lush, white flowers, the scent of which has earned magnolias praise for centuries, and a scent we’ve expertly captured in our Magnolia Fragrance Oil!


Floral and fresh scent with lush creamy notes of lemon

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History of Magnolia

Found growing along bodies of water and in swamps from the Himalayas through China and Japan, and across the southeastern United States, magnolias have earned a spot in human history thanks to their delightful aroma and attractive appearance. Did you know? Magnolias are one of the most ancient flowering plants, growing at the same time as dinosaurs! These trees came into existence long before bees, and were therefore pollinated by beetles, who sought out the flowers for their sweet nectar—and still do to this day!

How to Use Magnolia Fragrance Oil

Add the lush, creamy aroma of magnolia fragrance oil to your candle making, incense, potpourri, soaps, deodorants and other DIY products!

To learn how to make your own unique homemade candles using Magnolia Oil, check out this simple step-by-step on The Pipe Line!

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