Neroli Fragrance Oil
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Neroli Fragrance Oil, 1/2 fl oz (15 mL) Dropper Bottle

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The sweet scent of citrus. Neroli Fragrance Oil mimics the scent of Orange Blossom. The florally yet fruity aroma will brighten any room with its timelessness. Use this fruit’s robust, succulent aroma in your soap, candle and body care products to brighten up the day for anyone who uses them!


Light, sensual aroma. Sweet, floral, citrus.

History of Neroli 

Neroli is traditionally sourced from the Bitter Orange Tree which was traditionally native to the Far East. Today, it can be found in Italy, North America, France, among other regions. The oil is derived from the white blossoms of the tree. These blossoms produce a fragrant oil that is both sensual and playful. It was a favorite of the Italian princess of Nerola, who would use the scent as her perfume of choice. Neroli was also used during weddings, adorning the bride’s head since it had soothing properties.

How-To Use Neroli Fragrance Oil

Use the traditionally captivating floral fragrance of Neroli Fragrance Oil in your candle making, incense, potpourri, soaps, deodorants and other bath and body products!

To learn how to make your own unique homemade candles, check out this simple step-by-step on The Pipe Line!

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