Shelled Hemp Seeds 8 oz (227 g) Bag
Piping Rock Item #39257

Hemp Seeds Shelled, 8 oz (227 g) Bag

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

Nutrition-Packed Vegan Protein

Piping Rock Shelled Hemp SeedsOne of the earliest known domesticated plants, hemp has been cultivated for over 12,000 years. The seeds of this plant, with their mild nutty flavor, have long made hemp a part of many cuisines across cultures, and hemp’s nourishing properties has made it a staple in wellness traditions as well!

Hemp seeds boast an impressive nutritional profile, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids as well as amino acids. These health-supportive nutrients help to support your body’s cardiovascular and immune systems.**

Nutritionally supplement your diet by eating three (3) to six (6) tablespoons daily. These wholesome seeds can be added to any number of recipes, such as salads, cereals, yogurts, smoothies… feel free to get creative!

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