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Fenugreek Seed Tea, 24 Tea Bags

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- Certified organic and gluten-free
- Mildly bitter flavor with a hint of maple
- Naturally caffeine-free

Brewed with Confidence, Steeped in Tradition

Piping Rock Alvita Fenugreek TeaFenugreek's (Trigonella foenumgraecum) aroma and flavor have given rise to its popularity as a culinary spice. The seeds of the fenugreek plant--whose beneficial properties were first described by the ancient Egyptians in 1,500 B.C.--have long been esteemed for their traditional use to help support digestion.**

Alvita Fenugreek seed Tea is made with premium-quality, organic fenugreek seeds, and has a mildly bitter flavor with a hint of maple.

To enjoy hot up to 3 times daily, place one fenugreek tea bag in a cup and add 8 oz. of boiling water. Cover and steep for 12 minutes. Gently squeeze tea bag and remove. Add sweetener if desired.

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