It takes creative minds to bring ground-breaking ideas to life. Our team of expert scientists and nutritionists are always searching for new ways to use innovation to drive quality in our products. Below are the steps we take to formulate industry leading vitamins and supplements, all under our own roof.

formulation research


  • Tracking Industry Trends and Collecting Customer Feedback to Determine Product Needs
  • Performing In-Depth Competitive Analysis to Evaluate Product Formulation
  • Gathering Scientific Evidence from Human Research Studies to Decide What Should go Into our Products and Why


  • Assessing our Product Assortment to Find New Ways to Complement our Product Line
  • Utilizing Scientific Data to Choose High Quality Ingredients That Maximize Nutritional Benefit for our Customers
  • Seeking Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Materials that Promote a Clean Wellness Experience
Formulation Planning
formulation development


  • Measuring Nutritional Ratios to Quantify Potencies of Each Ingredient
  • Determining Optimal Ingredient Combinations to Maximize Efficacy and Safety
  • Designing Formulas that Have the Greatest Impact on the Health of Our Customers and the Environment


  • Validating Formulations with Latest Research, Making Necessary Adjustments
  • Examining Formulas to Ensure Identity, Quality, Strength, and Purity in Each Product
  • Finalizing Product Formulation and Setting Out to Discover the Best Source of Our Ingredients
Formulation Evaluation