We are passionate about providing you with highest quality products that make a powerful impact on your health and wellness every day. This means taking the finest ingredients from around the world and bringing them together to create something great! We are proud to stand behind each stage of our manufacturing process and tell the story of how your products are made from start to finish.

In-House Production

In-House Production

  • We Manufacture our Products Locally in our State-of-the-Art, GMP Certified Facility
  • Ingredients are Blended, Encapsulated, and Bottled Using State-of-the-Art, Stainless Steel Machinery
  • Products are Made Carefully and Precisely, Driven by Science to Establish Industry Leading Standards

Laboratory Testing

  • Our Team of Expert Chemists Puts Each Product to the Test in our World-Class Analytical and Microbiological Lab
  • Each Formula is Assayed to Confirm Identity and Authenticity with Special Testing such as DNA Testing on Herbs and GC/MS Testing on Essential Oils
  • All Formulas are Thoroughly Inspected, Ensuring They Are Safe and Effective for Our Customers
Laboratory Testing


  • Each Product Undergoes Hundreds of Checks In-Process and Post-Production
  • Our Hands-On Approach Provides us with Full Oversight, Helping us Guarantee Excellence Every Step of the Way
  • We Validate Each Product with its Respective Label, Making Sure they Match with 100% Certainty Before Fulfillment

Labeling, Packaging, Fulfillment

  • We Offer International Shipping, With Access to Over 100 Countries Around the World
  • Our Effective Printing and Labeling Process Allows us to Provide Reduced-Rate Shipping Costs
  • In-House Distribution Provides Expedited Packaging and Fulfillment for Faster Delivery to Your Door