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Citrus Spray

2.4 fl oz (71 mL) Spray Bottle
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Citrus Spray

Bring to life the image of rows and rows of lush, citrus trees in your home or wherever you travel with this Citrus Spray!

A bold, brightening blend of our favorite essentials oils: orange oil sweet, lemon oil, cardamom oil, and peppermint…you’ll find the uplifting notes of citrus paired with the subtly spicy tones of the cardamom/peppermint leave a lasting impression on your mood.

This paraben-free, gluten-free and 100% pure plant based formula brings to you a natural boost no matter the time of the day. Some of our preferred uses of this versatile spray are:


Pack this convenient aromatherapy spray in your bag and spritz on or around you to boost your spirits!

Room Spray

The perfect way to spruce up the aroma in your home, give this essential oil spray a go and wow guests when they enter for a brightly scented atmosphere!

Linen Spray

Make your sheets smell like freshly squeezed juice with our Citrus Essential Oil Spray.


This essential oil spray is for aromatherapy use only and is not for ingesting!

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2 x 2.4 fl oz (71 mL) Spray Bottle
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