100% Pure and Natural Emu Oil 4 oz (118 mL) Spray Bottle
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Emu Oil (100% Pure and Natural)

4 oz (118 mL) Spray Bottle
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What is Emu Oil?

Piping Rock Emu OilA native of mainland Australia, the emu is a large flightless bird that can reach over 6 feet in height. It is the tissues of these soft, brown-feathered birds from which emu oil is derived. A versatile oil, it has many beneficial uses topically, which is why Piping Rock is excited to offer our 100% Pure & Natural Emu Oil derived from hormone-free emus raised in the USA!

What does Emu Oil do?

Truly an oil of many uses, our 100% Pure & Natural Emu Oil can be used topically to moisturize your skin to luxurious softness. Massage the oil into joints and muscles to gently ease occasional discomfort with soothing strokes.

Since emu oil naturally thickens when cold, we recommend warming to room temperature or placing the bottle in hot water before use if you so desire. This oil is suitable to wear beneath sunscreen, lotions or make-up and can be used daily as needed!

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