Plant Based (Pea) Protein Powder Natural Vanilla Flavor 23 oz (650 grams)
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Plant Protein (Pea) Natural Vanilla Flavor

23 oz (650 grams) Bottle
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Great for the Environment. Even Better for your Health.

Piping Rock Plant Protein PowderSourced from 100% pure, raw, vegan-friendly ingredients, Piping Rock’s Non-GMO Plant Protein Blend features nutritious pea, brown rice and hemp proteins for a powerhouse powder that can be added to your favorite shakes and smoothies! Enjoy this naturally vanilla flavored powder any time of day, whether you’re looking for a pre-workout shake or a morning nutritional booster.

This protein powder has no gluten, is free of all major allergens, contains no preservatives or artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Now you can benefit from these proteins worry-free, just the way nature intended!

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2 Bottles x 23 oz (650 grams)
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