Lean Shake Meal Replacement Chocolate 1.2 lb  (544 grams) Bottle
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Lean Shake Meal Replacement Chocolate

1.2 lb (544 grams) Bottle
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Piping Rock® Lean Shake Meal Replacement is a deliciously nourishing option for
getting your nutrients on the go. When it comes to living a busy lifestyle, this is a
great option when you have little time to prepare meals. This filling shake contains
12 vitamins and minerals and 15 grams of protein with only 80 calories and 2
grams of fat per serving. Our Premium Protein Blend combines whey protein
concentrate and soy protein isolate to provide a balanced mix of naturally
occurring BCAA’s and essential amino acids.

Feed your hunger with a fast, tasty and nutritious shake. All you need to do is add
water, milk or your favorite juice and it mixes instantly. Featuring all the delicious
flavor of a chocolaty treat without the guilt! The chocolate flavor satisifies your
need for a smooth and filling meal replacement that tastes delightful.

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