Raspberry Seed Oil 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle
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Raspberry Seed Oil, 4 fl oz (118 mL) Bottle

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What is Raspberry Seed Oil?

Piping Rock Raspberry Seed OilA familiar tiny red fruit, raspberries are perennial plants found around the world. These berries, loved for their wellness benefits as much as their sweetness, promote glowing skin health. Tap into the skin-supportive benefits of raspberries when you create your own unique cosmetics using Piping Rock’s Raspberry Seed Oil!

What does Raspberry Seed Oil do?

Warm and earthy in aroma, raspberry seed oil elevates your skin with lush hydration. It soaks deeply within your pores, gently moisturizing while promoting youthful, luxurious skin. A uniquely versatile oil, it can be used to create your own creams, balms, lotions and other cosmetics while adding its warm scent to any product. Best of all, you can even add your favorite essential oil to this raspberry seed oil to create a truly personalized massage oil! This non-greasy, hydrating oil is suitable to wear underneath sunscreen and make-up.

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